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SecurityScorecard Enterprise Edition helps you protect every surface

Designed to meet you where you are and scale to where you are going

SecurityScorecard Enterprise is designed for organizations that desire access to the platform full-suite products and modules, productivity enhancements, and enhanced SLA’s for support and customer service. Enterprise is a product package ideal for organizations that want to manage their supply chain risk management programs in-house, with the option to add on threat intelligence and security & risk operations modules as well. In addition, Enterprise can be configured with unlimited access to security questionnaires, premium integrations, and number of companies monitored. With Enterprise, your odyssey really has no limits.


Leverage the most powerful, AI-driven platform that identifies and eliminates cyber risk across all of your attack surfaces

  • Gain unmatched situational awareness: Identify risks in your extended ecosystem so you can take action before an attacker leverages a distant supply chain connection to gain access to your environment.
  • Stay ahead of attackers: Leverage the power of SecurityScorecard AI and automation to constantly identify new vulnerabilities and associations so you are never caught off guard.
  • Built-in efficiency, designed to scale: Monitor, collaborate, and report on extended supply chain cyber risks in the same powerful platform, saving you time and money when managing complex vendor relationships.

Hear from our customers

  • “SecurityScorecard has allowed me and my team to automate and scale many of the functions of our vendor risk management program as well as continuously monitor their internal and third-party security posture.”

    Virgin Pulse Chief Information Security Officer
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Get a holistic view of any organization’s security posture based on the collection, analysis, and attribution of millions of critical data points.

  • Discover and remediate your IT infrastructure risk as well as cybersecurity risk in your vendor, agency, and partner environments.
  • Identify and solve complex cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management challenges.
  • Work collaboratively with third parties to reduce risk and improve security posture.


The trusted standard in security ratings and vendor risk management.

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