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Case Study January 29, 2024

Horiens Risk Advisors

Transcript (translated to English)

My name is Ronaldo Andrade and I’m a CISO here at Horiens Risk Advisors. Horiens is an insurance broker specializing in large risks in the national market. Our main clients are companies with large operations, and we serve the major companies in the Brazilian market.

In large risk markets, using SecurityScorecard helps and provides security to show our clients the information that is most hidden there in their technology park. This way, we are able to measure, equalize and improve in an intelligent way and always supporting our clients.SecurityScorecard relies on a global network of sensors in more than 45 locations around the world, and they have a data processing mechanism that adds reliability, processing, precision, accuracy, and this makes an intelligent model based on risk severity, which learns from user feedback, because you put there the issues necessary for their resolution. With all this technology, there’s no doubt that it’s the best choice on the market.

Using SecurityScorecard to move from a C note to an A note. Previously, before the implementation of SecurityScorecard, we spent around three hours monitoring risks manually, and it was a very complicated process. Today, we spend around 30 minutes per client. For Horiens, investing in SecurityScorecard was a way of bringing disruptive and innovative tools. The Brazilian and international team is incredible, which helped us create a natural relationship of trust.

I recommend SecurityScorecard for the main reason, which is to monitor the ecosystem and the entire supply chain, which makes the business much more efficient and less vulnerable attacking known vulnerabilities. It’s a totally necessary investment. When in doubt, we should always calculate the cost of a cyber incident and we will see that the platform and the tool is a small investment compared to the impacts of critical vulnerabilities, which are important points for companies to be careful about.