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Instantly evaluate the cyber risk exposure for any organization

Augment views of risk with externally observable security data and predictive cyber risk metrics

See what threat actors see and reduce cyber risk

Cyber risk is driven by tech stack configurations and invisible connections between organizations, all of which cannot be captured in traditional insurance applications. Insurers and brokers who only focus on filling out forms are essentially flying blind, lacking insight into issues that could lead to claims. SecurityScorecard has the industry’s most comprehensive data collection and attribution infrastructure.

Key Features

  • AI-driven security ratings

    Intuitive A-F grading methodology that is predictive of security breach frequency

  • Action plans

    Identify subjectivities that drive breaches and communicate next steps with insureds

  • Compliance assessment

    Map underwriting guidelines against risk signals to validate application responses

  • Automatically detect vendors

    Gain visibility of an insured’s supply chain and quantify risk accumulations

Critical Capabilities

  • Continuous risk monitoring

    Real-time and historical views on the security exposures for millions of organizations

  • Accurate attribution

    Refute rate that consistently remains at industry-low fractions of a percentage point

  • Engaged contributory network

    Trusted by over 70,000 organizations that provide over 6 million feedback items each year

  • Rapid refresh of massive global dataset

    100% of IPs and domains scanned every 7 days across more than 1500 ports globally

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