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Case Study May 19, 2024




Absolutely recommend SecurityScorecard. It is the relationship that I’ve developed with the people that work for you. I can call them anytime I want or send them a note and they will respond immediately.

I’m Steve Daknis. I work for Aflac. I’m a manager of our third party risk management team, and we evaluate third party vendors with whom we, Aflac shares data, we do the risk assessments for We do about two hundred and fifty to three hundred assessments annually. That includes reassessments.

It includes in new assessments. We had a another similar ratings vendor. I won’t mention their name, but, they had a score and they had a website we would go to. We would do the assessment and we’d put that score on our on our assessment, and that was about it.

They weren’t really willing to look at it and have an honest conversation about whether that was our act attributed appropriately or not. Typically, it was our data’s good. Go fix your stuff, and that left a sour taste in my leadership’s mouth when we transitioned into security scorecard, customer service was huge. It’s not a I’m wrong.

You’re right. It’s here’s what we see Here’s why we we made our conclusion. Let’s talk and your ability to do that and work with our customer success rep or are just the technician on the other end of the support at wins us a lot of of credibility with the vendors because the data is accurate or if it’s not accurate, they’re willing to change it.