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Empower your cyber defenses and ensure rapid recovery

Partner with cyber experts to defend, respond, and fortify your security program. SecurityScorecard offers a suite of services that provide a 360-degree approach to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity battles shouldn’t be fought alone

The ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats leads to attackers constantly finding ways to exploit weaknesses, which makes security breaches inevitable for most organizations despite best efforts to prevent them. Security teams won’t always have the specialized expertise, objective perspectives, or rapid response capabilities to keep up with dynamic cyber risks. SecurityScorecard offers a range of pre and post breach services, backed by +100 years of collective experience, to enhance cyber readiness and incident response capabilities.


Bolster cyber resilience and insurability

  • Reduce the likelihood of cyber incidents

    Defend your organization with a range of proactive security services that battle-test your security controls and safely exploit vulnerabilities in your environment to eliminate cyber risk

  • Control the costs of incidents when they occur

    Respond confidently and mitigate business interruptions from a cyberattack by partnering with industry-leading experts in digital forensics and incident response services

Critical Capabilities

  • Digital forensics & incident response

    Contain, remediate, and investigate breaches as well as receive post-breach litigation support

  • Penetration testing

    Identify entry points for malicious actors, preventing potential exploitation across your external attack surface

  • Red team

    Get a comprehensive picture of your defensive capabilities and see how your team would perform under real-world conditions

  • Tabletop exercises

    Enhance incident response capabilities and effectively manage cybersecurity threats with scenario-based training

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