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Deliver as a cyber trusted advisor

Strengthen and monitor a client’s security posture to prevent or address issues before they lead to costly incidents

Speak the languages of insurance and cyber risk fluently

Insureds deal with a complex and dynamic risk environment, lack of in-house expertise, regulatory pressure, and other challenges. Insurance brokers differentiate themselves and earn customer loyalty with personalized service that enables insureds to make informed decisions, protect their assets, and minimize financial losses. With SecurityScorecard, brokers excel with their ability to deliver risk management advice by tapping into a wealth of security insights and support from experienced cyber experts.


Cyber risk does not wait for renewal

  • Increase client satisfaction

    Deliver experiences that are  informative, relevant, and actionable, especially in response to challenging claims situations

  • Differentiate your broking business

    Go beyond transactional services during underwriting and renewal and position your brokerage as an extension to the insured’s risk management team

  • Excel in claims advocacy

    Maintain visibility of client security incidents and take action to ensure claims don’t get denied

Critical Capabilities

  • Continuous risk monitoring

    Real-time data keeps you informed of new issues that could impact a client’s insurability

  • AI-powered workflows

    Data correlated with claims prioritizes areas of focus, enables automation, and drives action

  • Rapid breach detection

    AI-driven reconnaissance informs you of breaches as soon as they are publicly reported

  • Expert resilience services

    Partner with cyber experts to defend, respond, and fortify your client’s security program

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