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Reduce insured risk before and after incidents occur

Value-added services to defend, respond, and fortify any insured’s security program

Insurance should be the last line of defense for security programs

Cyber insurance is more than a transactional product that only delivers value when a claim is made. Policyholder services are just as, if not more, valuable than the financial restitution that is the traditional expectation of insurance. SecurityScorecard offers a suite of services that provide a 360-degree approach to cybersecurity and help increase policyholder insurability.

Key Features

  • Digital forensics and incident response

    Contain, remediate, and investigate breaches as well as receive post-breach litigation support

  • Penetration testing

    Identify entry points for malicious actors to prevent exploitation across attack surfaces

  • Red teams

    Understand defensive capabilities and see how an insured would perform if breached

  • Tabletop exercises

    Enhance incident response capabilities and manage threats with scenario-based training

  • Managed services

    Minimize cyber supply chain risk and gain tangible business outcomes

Critical Capabilities

  • Industry-leading expertise

    Over 100 years of collective experience in security operations, risk management, and law enforcement

  • Technology-enabled services

    Experience and expertise are augmented by predictive risk analytics and streamlined workflows

  • Swift incident response

    24x7x365 support provides efficient responses to cybersecurity incidents, minimizing potential damages

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