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Identify the threats that put insureds at risk

Gain visibility into the behaviors of attackers and their most likely targets

Mitigate risks in an increasingly dynamic security landscape

The adversarial dynamics between threat actors and defensive security programs are at the heart of understanding cyber risk. Without visibility into attackers’ behaviors and defenders’ security postures, the insurance industry is left in a reactive position, which is untenable for an industry built on understanding the most likely outcomes. SecurityScorecard gives insurers an edge with forward-looking threat and vulnerability intelligence.

Key Features

  • Portfolio Risk Intelligence

    Detect active threats across a portfolio with a unified view to prevent claims

  • Attack Surface Intelligence

    Query threat intelligence database to hone in on specific threats and vulnerabilities

  • Threat Intelligence Feeds

    Ingest and operationalize real-time raw cyber intelligence at scale

  • Vulnerability Intelligence

    Make informed decisions with a centralized hub of vulnerability data

Critical Capabilities

  • Scalable sinkhole network and attribution system

    Information on 150+ malware families and indicators of compromise is collected and analyzed daily

  • Rapid refresh of massive global dataset

    100% of IPs and domains are scanned every 7 days across more than 1500 ports globally

  • AI-driven reconnaissance of threat actors

    Leverage intelligence gathered from over 200 sources across the dark web and keep a close eye on critical assets

  • Actionable insights that prevent breaches

    Maximize efficiency with product and CVE risk and impact scores to guide your defense against the biggest hazards in your environment

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